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Saltburn (2023)

My quick rating - 5.4/10. The flick presents itself as a tale of intrigue and aristocratic charm, but ultimately falls short of its lofty ambitions, delivering a pretentious and predictable story that fails to live up to the hype. The film follows Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan), a student at Oxford University, as he is drawn into the orbit of the charismatic Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi) and his eccentric family. The promise of a summer at Saltburn, the Catton family estate, seems like a dream come true for Oliver, but soon reveals itself to be anything but. Despite the film's attempts to create an air of mystery and sophistication, the plot unfolds in a disappointingly formulaic manner. From the outset, it's clear where the story is headed, leaving little room for genuine surprises or intrigue. What's more, the characters feel like caricatures rather than fully realized individuals, making it difficult for you to invest in their fates. While the acting is serviceable, with the cast doing their best with the material they're given, it's not enough to elevate the film above its flaws. Moments of genuine emotion are overshadowed by the film's overall lack of depth and substance. In the end, this is a missed opportunity, failing to deliver on its promise of a summer never to be forgotten. Some of the family members parts showed some strong promise and could have been used well had they come up with something other than a cookie cutter story. While it may hold some appeal for fans of period dramas or tales of aristocratic intrigue, it ultimately falls short of leaving a lasting impression minus Quick shaking his penis around through the credits.

Apparently Amazon Prime is the only game in town as of 3.21.24 so sign up and enjoy. Unless you want to buy it for some reason, if so, check Justwatch.

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