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Sarah Silverman: Someone You Love (2023)

Updated: Jun 5

My quick rating - 6,5/10. I am a big fan of hers and pretty much always have been but this isn't one of her best shows. It isn't awful by any means, but she has done much better. Then again, it has been decade since her last comedy special so maybe out of practice? It is her typical borderline raunchy at times but not all out profane touching upon Nazis, "alleged" groups that molest children, her ever in question sexuality. Basically the usual type of conversation you would get around no water cooler at work. I don't see this as being required watching by any means and really best only for fans of hers. Fame has definitely gone to her head though, I hope it is just for the laughs. Then again, even if it is not, she deserves it. My rating is reflective of how a decent show for her is still better than most can churn out. Her touching base with Jewish roots while questioning nearly everything around her is damn funny. Maybe even after all the time in the spotlight, she can be your number 4 favorite comic, you never know until you give her a shot.

First time to have to say this, MAX is the only place to check this one out.

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