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Satan's Slaves: Communion (2022)

Updated: 3 days ago

My quick rating - 7,1/10. After checking out the first one, I am eager to see this sequel. This time the family has moved to an apartment building which the way it is isolated, sitting in the middle of nowhere and being 15 stories (or maybe 14) is creepy enough. This one elaborates on the legend of the first. Admittedly, the story itself is a bit muddled but I can tell that Joko Anwar does have a clear idea of how this whole story is going in the Satan's Slave universe being created but is just having a hard time conveying that vision properly in the flix. But Anwar has NO issues with presentation of mood, and horror as he can properly craft a haunted house flick with the absolute best. I found this one exceeded the first ever so slightly since it just had more pop to the scares, and did elaborate on the story from the first. The mother making a deal with a satanic cult form the first was merely the tip of the iceberg as to all that was going on. Again Tara Basro as Rini does spectacular job for a horror flick and is still trying to keep the family together, and alive. Moving the setting to a more populated area also added some more side stories to be developed along with where the curse and cult activity is. This one does tie nicely with the first and provides plenty of good jumps along with the horror story of what the mother went through. It is so nice to see quality haunting type flix come out that don't have to rely on gore to really capture the audience. Just really well done with the atmosphere to spook you out time and again. You will have to deal with subtitles for both unless you happen to speak Indonesian. It is well worth your time to pay full attention to both of these. Side note: Since viewing these, I have run across the fact that it is a remake of a 1982 movie of the same name so I grabbed that and will have to see how it compares. Easily top ten for 2022 in the horror category and clearly sets up a third flick in the trilogy.

Streaming on Shudder and AMC+, both of which are included in your Amazon prime membership, so make sure to sign up.

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