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Sorority Slaughterhouse (2015)

Updated: Mar 9

My quick rating - 2,9/10. Take every poor aspect possible for a movie. Think really hard, close your eyes. and imagine. OK, you pictured a clown. A really small clown, chasing around a bunch of horrible actors and actresses. Killing them, of course in non-fantastic ways. This movie is missing everything you would want. If you, like me, were hoping for Eric Roberts running around slasher film style killing half naked women, then you are SOL. Instead you have a silly looking clown doll, usually standing prone (there are no special effects in this movie at all) managing to kill an entire group of co-eds. The premise itself is so baffling right there, but then to sprinkle in a pledge who happens to be a slutty witch just for the sake of explanation of Eric Roberts "soul" ending up inside the clown doll (sorry for the sorta spoiler LOL) and you have this mess. Star ranking would be lower if it wasn't so damn unintentionally funny at times. If you love really bad movies, welcome to heaven. Otherwise, avoid at all costs. Oh, and I have no idea what the plot summary on IMDB is talking about, there is NO axe killer in this flick

If you feel the need, Vudu is the cheapest bu a few others have it as well. Amazon.

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