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Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (2023)

Updated: Sep 19

My quick rating - 7.9/10. Incredible animation. Considerably better than the first. Spidey swings back into action with an incredible display of animation prowess, delivering a visually stunning experience that outshines its predecessor in Across The Spider-Verse. Building on the foundation laid by the first film, this sequel notches up the stakes, offering great action sequences that keep the audience engaged from start to finish. The animation in this movie is nothing short of breathtaking. The blend of art styles, vibrant colors, and creative design brings the Spider-Verse to life in a way that feels fresh and exhilarating. While the first film set the bar high, the sequel manages to raise it even further, immersing viewers in a world where the boundaries of imagination seem limitless. The action scenes are a highlight, seamlessly combining fluid choreography with the inventive use of various Spider-People's unique abilities. From gravity-defying stunts to intense battles against formidable adversaries, the film delivers the high-octane superhero action fans crave. I don't normally give credit to voice casting (this is a downfall of mine completely NOT the fault of any flick) but I thought that Shameik Moore and Hailee Steinfeld had incredibly good chemistry as Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. Their scenes just had such a believable feel to their interactions.

While the movie successfully maintains its momentum, it does occasionally veer into a music video-like vibe, which might disrupt the pacing for some viewers. This stylistic choice adds flair but could potentially pull you out of the narrative flow. One of the film's most amusing aspects is its exploration of the diverse Spider-People across the multiverse. From familiar faces to exciting new additions, their interactions, and dynamics provide both comic relief and an intriguing glimpse into the boundless possibilities of the Spider-Verse. The incorporation of the Lego segment is a clever touch, injecting a dose of unexpected humor and novelty into the mix. Furthermore, the movie is a treasure trove of Easter eggs that pay homage to Spider-Man's rich comic book history and pop culture references, adding layers of enjoyment for dedicated fans.

Despite being an exceptional action movie, this flick does stumble when it comes to its pacing and story execution. At a runtime of 140 minutes, the film maintains a fast pace, but its inability to fully conclude the narrative arc feels like a missed opportunity. The standard cliffhanger ending, while tantalizing, left me wanting more in an unsatisfying way. In terms of overall entertainment value, the movie is undoubtedly enjoyable, with a strong likelihood of keeping audiences engaged throughout. The flick boasts incredible animation, captivating action sequences, and a refreshing exploration of the spider-powered multiverse. While the music video vibe and incomplete story resolution are minor drawbacks, the film manages to deliver an exceptional action-packed experience that will likely leave viewers excited for what's to come. In an exceptional action movie though, which in my opinion is an 8 or higher, the runtime should fly by. This is 20 minutes over 2 solid hours and completely felt like it. It surely is not a top 20 movie ever rated on IMDB but still highly entertaining so just quit overexaggerating people. That being said, I know for damn well I am in line to check out the third in this trilogy of animated gems.

Currently streaming for theater at-home pricing on Amazon and a few more.

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