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Spirit Of Fear (2023)

Updated: Sep 9

My quick rating - 3,4/10. I like the poster LOL. That image is a hell of a lot more frightening than this one-man show with Christopher Lee Page wandering around his house finding notes it seems he wrote to himself (Memento anyone?). The story is he wakes in an empty suburban house with no memory and blood smeared on his arm. As he frantically washes off the blood, he discovers that it is not his. He finds sticky notes around the house that read: "Don't stay in this room." "Don't go outside." "Don't go downstairs." Confused, he tries to follow the cryptic messages, ultimately discovering two things. Memories of a mother and daughter that he is somehow connected with, and also a demonic presence living in this suburban house. As he gets closer to solving the mystery of why he is there, the demon grows stronger, testing his will to survive. Also testing someone's will was this movie, and that would be my patience. I don't believe a word was spoken until around the halfway mark in this flick. Even at that point, it was Chris (Page, isn't that some creative name usage) talking to himself and later on to ghosts, most likely in his head. Or are they since that is the whole mystery that this film is attempting to draw you into? Although our jack of all trades Alex Davidson does an incredibly slow-paced burn on keeping the audience interested since I was bored beyond belief. There are bits of religious overtones in here along with some supernatural touches that keep you wondering if Chris is stuck in purgatory or in a coma, or maybe just a bit of a loon. Admittedly there is a twist they are working on that I personally found predictable and even if I hadn't, I wouldn't have been impressed. I also will go out on a limb and assume most viewers will shut this off long before they get to the point of caring. There is such a lack of tension and any emotional involvement to grab you. Just felt like a self-indulgent passion project that may have been a nice little short story for Davidson when he was in high school but it didn't translate to the screen at all due to not having anything memorable about it. Aside from the intense boredom, I felt watching this, that is.

Justwatch isn't even aware of what this flick is.

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