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Stay Out Of The Basement (2023)

Updated: May 24, 2023

My quick rating - 3,3/10. All I know is "Mackenzie takes a job babysitting for a lonely young girl named Peyton only to find out that something sinister may be happening in her home." It is really distracting when they hire actresses that look the same age to play various stages of adulthood. Between the mother and babysitter, Ariella Mossey, couldn't put more than a couple years between them. I felt like I was watching a school project the entire time at all levels of production. Considering that, it wasn't horrible at least until they actually got into the basement. The story develops with a slew of flashbacks to explain why there may be a ghost haunting the family. Ryan Callaway did as a favor and didn't try and show this spirit until the end and very good to do since I am sure many would've shut the movie off prematurely when viewers saw how stupid she looked. I am cutting them some slack since they clearly had no budget yet still churned out a partially decent story with adequate acting minus the casting mistake. It blows by at 70 minutes so it never bogs you down but after viewing, I would say which of the two mentioned options below you should pick. Hint, it is free.

Amazon is the only paid streamer or you can go with freebie Tubi which I would suggest.

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