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Stranger In The Woods (2024)

My quick rating - 3.1/10. A grieving woman (Holly Kenney) is taken by friends for a holiday at a remote cabin after they suspect she tried to end her own life. And we all know what happens in any movies involving "cabins" and "woods." Instead of scary creatures roaming the forest or masked attackers getting all stabby, we are subjected to crappy acting in a story that has been recycled out of the Lifetime Networks wastebasket. Judging by the fact that Kenney also wrote this masterpiece, I am going to guess she also has run into a stalker problem either personally or by proxy. I would rate this even lower had she not been a competent actor in her role as Olivia. The rest of the cast though was filler for the minutes they were in the cabin along with being such caring friends to just take off and leave her behind. Sorry, almost got into spoiler territory. That is part of the plot though, the group of friends discover that the creepy brother of one of them is a pervert with cameras in their cabin. This comes down to the writing part, instead of ALL waiting for the cops, or ALL leaving to go give statements, they split up. I glanced through IMDB and some mention the "twist" in this. If by any chance you fall victim to a twist in this movie, this has to be the first thriller flick you have ever seen. And if you also notice 48 award wins, I am sure they are "submit and win" online festivals since the cast appears to have submitted all of them. I believe the list of what this movie is NOT is far more entertaining. There is no one in the woods, they hardly ever go outside in the first place. It is not close to horror if you are thinking of slasher potential, you will be disappointed. There is no comedy involved since as I said, they are playing this completely seriously. The acting won't give you amusement either, it is just poor. Overall it is 82 wasted minutes that you won't be pleased you spent with this one.

You can check this one out on these streamers including Amazon.

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