Sunset On The River Styx (2020)

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My quick rating - 4,3/10. I was liking the character intros in this one. Even though I knew where it was going, they took an appropriate amount of time to allow the viewers to give a shit about our two leads. I am not saying either was phenomenal actors or anything just that they did a good job at introducing who they were. Actually Will (Phillip Andre Botello) was the more interesting of the two since Jacqueline Jandrell as Ash was a bit flat. That is until the movie decided it wanted to emulate the "Lost Boys" At that point, it went straight downhill. The first issue is the supposed head vampire looked entirely too much like Will. Really no reason to make things confusing for no reason. But then after it starts down the vampiric road, it turns into a music video with strobing lights, quick-cut editing completely out of control, etc. If you are familiar with the mentioned movie, it is the same story, just different and far less talented people. I realize it has been long enough to get away with but at least change something up. Between the lack of originality and the dizzying editing, I could not get into this one. It did draw me in initially though and had some promise. You could do worse this #shocktober but also can do better.


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