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The Amityville Curse (2023)

My quick rating - 3.4/10. Yep, glutton for punishment I am. Still another stinker latching onto the name. A group of friends purchase an infamous home with the intention of flipping it, only to discover a deadly paranormal presence emanating from within the house. The production value is a bit better than some of the others that have done so and borrowed the title but that doesn't cover up the completely regurgitated plot. Cliches abound as well when they bring in the online ghosthunter, a priest, and the core group of morons that stay in the house while people are dying all around them. I didn't recognize any of the actors in this flick, but Lucy, played by Jenny Raven, did an adequate job here. Now thinking about it, the acting wasn't a negative at all since aside from the dumb decision the script told them, they played their parts well enough. Just the repetition of the "if you have seen one you have seen them all" hits you quite quickly. And for some reason, I continue to watch each and every one of these flix. Oh, and not that it matters much, but don't confuse this for the 1990 movie of the same name. I don't believe I have had the pleasure of seeing that one but according to IMDB, it isn't any better.

As of now, Tubi is the only place to check this one out.

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