The Amityville Moon (2021)

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My quick rating - 3,0/10. Oh, I know exactly what I am in for LOL. And I got pretty much exactly that. A weak movie that has no business using the name "Amityville" since it has nothing to do with the house or murders it stands for. But what has become a joke in the horror flick community, if that name is there, it will suck. So this time it is a werewolf movie and it actually may have been a bit better had the werewolves been featured more. But the sparing use of them and the plodding pace of this movie hold it down from any chance of being memorable. Strangely though, the acting in this isn't that bad. Surprising to say that, I know. But the wolves look pretty bad although they aren't obvious people in costumes like so many flix lately have been, so a slight step up for that. They also aren't around enough and when the wolves are attacking, the editing does well in hiding our costumed actors. There is some story about 2 girls trying to get out of some Church house that seems to be keeping them captive but it is so underdeveloped you aren't even sure what the priests roaming around have to do with it. Oh well, wasted some time just not in much of an entertaining way. You can find better #shocktober flicks to check out.

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