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The Barn (2016)

My quick rating - 4,6/10. Another movie that suffers from some pretty bad acting, especially in the "what to do if" category. That aside, I do like the antagonists in this one. Using the legends of famous? killers from the lore of Halloween was a pretty good plot point. The method of summoning these creatures is very suspect though. So after a couple kids get sidetracked on the way to some rock concert they stumble across the eerie looking barn and accidentally release the evil inside of it. That about sums it up. Fairly light on the gore, or I am just getting so used to it I don't even notice anymore. Aside from the directors being brave and actually killing a kid (which is a common no-no in movies) there really isn't anything shocking to see. Scares are very few, and there is not a thing occurring that catches you off guard. Fine for a fall asleep on cable flick, but beyond that, don't bother. And since I recently got the sequel, you all know I will watch it regardless even knowing it won't even be as good as this one.

I would say go with the freebies for this one even if Amazon has it for $2.

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