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The Devil Conspiracy (2022)

Updated: Mar 15

My quick rating - 5,4/10. The summary sounded interesting enough. Nice intro to grab my attention as well showing Lucifer being defeated by Michael and cast down to the depths of hell. Yeah, I saw the Shroud of Turin when it made its way through Chicago at the Museum of Science & Industry and I can ASSURE you the security was a whole hell of a lot stiffer than this movie is portraying LOL. Oh, a bit further into the flick, hell happens to be a couple hundred feet below the surface of the Earth. Ok, fine, it is a magical little portal between the two, but still. Apparently people back then weren't too concerned about building a castle above the devils prison. It does make for an evil villains hideout quite well. (incomplete)

Amazon and a few others have this but Microsoft is currently the cheapest for rental.


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