The Extreme Adventures Of Super Dave (2000)

Updated: Oct 24

My quick rating - 5,2/10. Another shuffle choice. You could give me 90 minutes of Super Dave without a plot, and I would be fine. This flick tries to incorporate some of his more popular gags from the past into a flick revolving around him being bested by a younger kid he was mentoring. Back when I was a kid, there was a show called "Bizarre" on Showtime that the parents used to watch. 2 things I took from that was John Byner hosting a talk show with boobs on it and Super Dave Osborne. The stunts he would do were always hilarious and still are. The presentation and the failed daredevil feats are just so deadpan in nature, you cannot help but laugh. Even muddled up in this silly plot of stealing his protege and trying to run Super Dave out of business they managed to get some cheap laughs from accidents in there. Not a great movie by any stretch but still damn funny at times. A lot of nostalgia from me as well but still.


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