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The Finale (2023)

My quick rating - 3.7/10. I might be feeling generous since I just typed in that rating and I am sitting here reflecting on it. The movie sees Sagan Riley (Gabrielle Reyes) as a triple threat who has her sights set on Broadway. When she’s accepted to the legendary Stage Left Theater Camp, she thinks her dreams are within reach. Sagan spends her days singing, dancing, acting, and dreaming of love. But soon the Stage Left instructors and Sagan’s fellow campers start dying off one by one. Now, Sagan will have to survive rehearsal and discover the killer, if she’s ever gonna make it. Reyes also should've made it out of the filming of this movie since she acted fine but the rest of the cast was not on her level. A couple of the characters were downright awful. I am as much of a fan of a slasher flick as any horror fan but this was so by the numbers and not done very well. The humor attempts fell flat every single time minus one which the angry police captain scene absolutely nailed the joke. If only Michael Federico could've penned a few more hits like that during the course of this overlong, 111-minute b-budget slasher, we may have been going somewhere. Then again, other aspects were lacking as well such as the kills. We have to have some quality bloodletting going on but again, they captured that essence in one scene only. At least one cringe was earned at that point while the rest were not keeping me awake. Overall I felt quite let down by the whole thing and I thought it may have some promise when I first saw the killer pictured below. But that first kill alerted me to what I was getting into in the opening scene and aside from the moments I pointed out, it never got any better. On the positive side, things were framed out well and director Christie Vela did her job about as well as could be from behind the camera. The material and those on set just weren't up to snuff. The pricing is a direct reflection of the quality achieved here.

Amazon has this for 99 cents or there are some freebies to choose from as well.

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