The Girl Who Got Away (2021)

Updated: Sep 19

My quick rating - 5,1/10. I liked the mystery in this one but the problem is it moves really slow and what is building up to a nice finish ends up ruined. The movie looks good, especially for the budget. Also, it is a nice change of pace to have a woman is the deranged serial killer that escapes from prison and comes after The Girl Who Got Away. In the title role, Kaye Tuckerman does a perfectly adequate job on screen. So much promise in this one that chugs along and then just decides to fall to pieces. Literally, all the work in camera shots, acting, a bit of wonder all get thrown into a blender for the last act and spits it out. Flashbacks, and twists, and scenes that just don't fit are thrown at you for no apparent reason. Even the twist itself would have been just fine to finish this one off but the people behind the camera would not let it be just that. I can't say more without spoilers but it just disappointed greatly what I saw as some serious promise. Definitely not a gore-fest or a jump scare type flick, so if you are looking for that, just look elsewhere. But even with a failed finale, the movie still entertains for the most part and surely has its technical merits as well. Take the good with the bad and you end up with that score.

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