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The Green Inferno (2013)

Updated: Sep 18

My quick rating - 6,4/10. After years of problems with legal, money, distribution and who else knows what, this movie is finally out and viewable to the masses. So the big question is "Can Eli Roth bring us something worth all the hype?" My answer is Yes BUT not a yes with all capital letters. Let me explain quickly. The movie is an homage to Cannibal Holocaust which is a flick that came out and was so disturbing, violent, and original (the actual first found footage movie) that the makers of the movie were arrested since the government thought it was an actual snuff film and the people were killed. Obviously, that failed since the creators brought the actors on TV and proved their point. Anyway, big shoes to fill and Eli Roth takes a shot at it. So armed with the plot of a group of college kids standing up for political reasons (here it is stop knocking down rainforests and destroying tribal cultures) crash land and meet said tribe. Of course, they are cannibals and hence the fun begins. So of course the gore is heavy when need be but was it so bad to disgust? Not really. Actually, the movie is very well written to also make a point. People stand on their soap box to make a point when in essence they don't care but want to just further themselves. Anyway, the rest of the plot is fill-in-the-blank with double-crosses, escape attempts, and dinner served up. Oh, and the scenery in this film is spectacular since Roth is definitely one who knows how to use a camera. He is the one who took an ultra-violent flick like Hostel and made it look great. Overall, a bit longer (I suspect there is a much longer version) and maybe more to the story aside from the lame soapbox ending and this would be scoring even higher but as it is, very good stuff.

A handful of streaming options for this one including Amazon.

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