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The Invisible Maniac (1990)

My quick rating - 4.0/10. I vaguely recall popping this on when I was working at West Coast Video but I don't remember the movie in the slightest. An invisible scientist escapes from an asylum and teaches high-school physics to nubile teens. Noel Peters plays the goofy scientist and I don't believe I have seen him before. He does play the part very well though. And he does use the powers of invisibility as you would expect for a 90s horror/comedy and that is to spy on his students naked so you can expect plenty of boobs during the 86 minutes. Director Adam Rifkin demonstrates once again he has quite the range in him for his movies so you never really know what kind of quality you are going to get. But they tend to be well made so it falls into which ones he accepts (when he wasn't the writer that is). Once he loses his mind and goes on a killing spree, the lunatic laughter bit gets really old very fast. In case you are wondering about the acting, one of the students is the departed porn actress Savannah. I assume that tells you all you need to know without speaking poorly of the deceased. I honestly would've enjoyed this one a bit more had it not been for that constant annoying laughter. If they would've thrown in a bit more gore in those kills, they could've had something. Instead, it played things far too safe for my tastes. The sub sandwich scene was amusing in a creative kill kind of way.

The only streamer mentioned is Plex for free with ads or Amazon has it on Blu-ray.

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