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The Last Warrior (2021)

My quick rating - 6.0/10. If you enjoy this type of animation, it looks excellent. It tells the tale of a young girl named Jade and a terracotta warrior named Magnus who must team up to fight the creatures that keep attacking their Qin dynasty underground city, and who eventually fall in love. They share the usual dynamic where one is the unexpected warrior while the other is the mild-mannered fledgling. The gender roles are reversed appropriately to add to the story. That along with the fact that the terracotta warriors aren't your everyday humans also brings some extra creativity to the story. The film is also your classic good vs evil story where the creatures may not be what they seem. Admittedly I am not the target audience for this one yet I still found it entertaining. One thing this flick surely is, "family-friendly," although it takes a more adult turn at the end. The movie also leaves the door wide open for a sequel with an end-credit scene or two. I would check out their continuation since I found these two characters interesting enough for me to follow their further adventures.

All 5 streamers have this one including Amazon for $5.

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