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The Nice Guys (2016)

Updated: May 23

My quick rating - 7,8/10. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling team up in an unlikely crime/mystery film that just works. The characters are acted out just the way they should be which is often rare in buddy flicks. Crowe plays the heavy while Gosling plays the heavy drinker. They get paired up when Gosling is a Private detective working a case that Crowe inadvertently gets roped into. The two of course have no interest in working together which adds to the comedy. This movie is filled with underlying dark humor that sometimes does miss the mark, but overall is entertaining. Also incorporating some little shout outs to spotting the time frame (Tim Allen's name on the marquee at the Comedy Store for an example) points out the writers/directors attention to detail. Little things such as this pop up to make you appreciate the care that was put into the film. The story itself moves along very well as the mystery of Amelia (Margaret Qualley) plays out in the porn industry. Explaining what I mean would be in spoiler territory, so watch it to see. I will say that after the majority of the film being so good, the ending just seemed to run out of gas. It didn't let the audience down, it just didn't live up to the excellent work that was already presented. But overall, a very well made movie and I would be open to a sequel if they so chose.

A handful of streamers have this one fro $4 including Amazon.

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