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The Old Way (2023)

Updated: 2 days ago

My quick rating - 4,8/10. I figured I'd give something a bit different a try. Westerns aren't my typical go-to. But this keeps popping up on the firecubes Amazon banner so why not. It was pretty easy to pick out the star of the show and it was NOT Nicolas Cage. He did have a bit of a bounceback recently with a couple of decent flix so I was hoping it was just a spell of poor choices but this one is mediocre at absolute best. I swear it seems that he can act so well in some movies and turn around and be horrendous in the next. If it weren't for Ryan Kiera Armstrong playing his daughter who ends up in the middle of a wild west revenge story, this would've been far worse. I still enjoyed it enough due to her wise-cracking along the way as her aging gunslinger father is faced with some kid from his past whom he had shot the father of years before. Dean Armstrong plays the man seeking revenge and he should hit his real-life daughter up for some pointers on how to command the screen when he is on it. Production wise this one looked just fine with the scenery adding a nice touch to the realism. Unfortunately, the writing was not on that same level since it is so full of cliches throughout that at times you may wonder if it is a parody. It didn't help you to take it seriously when our evil villain out for vengeance looks straight out of a fraternity house afterparty. The whole thing moves at a slow pace to a predictable ending so don't expect any twists here, just a run-of-the-mill western flick that didn't put any effort into bringing us anything new or memorable to the table. As far as the next line of this, I would save your money and wait for free. My rating may be quite generous. If I were to watch it again, it may not be as high. Oh, if you really need a recent Nicolas Cage fix, check out The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

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