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The Price We Pay (2022)

Updated: Jan 28

My quick rating - 5,5/10. Even though he seems like a douche, I have always been a fan of Stephen Dorff especially after the criminally underrated Botched. Speaking of, this movie has a similar wrong guy at the entirely wrong place vibe such as that flick had. This time Dorff is hired on to rob a pawn shop, in the middle of some small town, that has 250K in cash (i think that was the amount) on hand. Nevermind how there is no WAY in hell they would have that much cash, it is a movie. So of course, things don't go as planned for the group and they are stuck taking a hostage to drive them away (Gigi Zumbado). In an attempt to hide out for the night until they can regroup, they find an old farmhouse and of course, things just aren't what they seem. So the story has been used before, and it again still works due to the cheap jokes and some decent blood splattering when the time is right. Instead of laying low, they end up hunted by some wacko serial killer that also happens to have some giant mutated daughter for his own protection. They liked to try and catch you offguard with where the story was going but that part didn't work. The thing that works is the subtle goofiness to the killers motives or the families existence in general. No real explanation to why they are doing what they are or what it accomplished just more for the enjoyment of murder. The movie goes by quick so the 86 minutes end up being fairly well engaging with little time to bother with side stories or romance which they still tried to force in there.

Unfortunately Justwatch says this "The Price We Pay is not available for streaming.", so no idea where I got it LOL.

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