The Protege (2021)

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My quick rating - 6,5/10. I had a pretty good time with this one. It is exactly what it is supposed to be. Action, with more action and the usual cliches to keep the flick rolling along. It is not going to make you ponder what is going on for more than a minute but just keeps shooting the bullets at you. The casting in this makes it especially entertaining. Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton where do you go wrong with these two trying to match wits. In this movie though, Jackson is the teacher or more father figure to Maggie Q which I have seen in a few other action roles and she handles herself well. Borrowing heavily from Hong Kong flix in the same vein, the main attraction is guns blazing. Then again, they pimp this point by mentioning the studio of John Wick. Although not quite as frenetic nor original as Wick was, it still is a quality betrayal and revenge story that delivers for the popcorn time of the year. I also have to say between Maggie and Keaton are some of the best parts of the flick. They deliver such a fun hate and love relationship in this. Or in some scenes, love and kill relations. Reminded me of Mr. and Mrs. Smith a few times. But overall fun as long as you check the logical thinking portion of your brain at the concession stand. At times, even someone knowing nothing about guns may wonder when they will need to reload LOL.

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