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The Reef: Stalked (2022)

My quick rating - 3,6/10. I saw the first one a while ago and recall it being decent and it seems Shudder saw it necessary to make a sequel. Either link has it available to stream. I think they have beaten this idea into the ground. This time it is 4 women who go off kayaking out to take a good look at a nearby reef. The rest of the plot can be explained simply by looking at the poster below. Heck, that poster may even give a spoiler. I think a couple of key things to make a movie such as this still work if you don't come up with some brilliant twist. The characters have to be likable or at the very least, memorable. If you are going to constantly see the same people in peril for an hour and a half, you have to really want one or all of them to live for your own viewing reasons. Aside from a pedestrian kid in this flick, I couldn't care less if ANY of these women survived. It was hard to tell if they cared either since when it would be time to get to paddling to save your life, it is more important to talk. The movie does open with an intro story of our heroine Teressa Liane finding her sister murdered (the way they show it you infer that there never is any solid evidence aside from the synopsis going as far as saying it) so I suppose that primes her to be the final girl. But that nor the flashbacks she has of something she never witnessed didn't help me care about her character at all. Might be because the acting is so bland. Not that it is bad, just no one seems to care. The good news is there are lots of nice shots of water, the bad news is not nearly enough shots of anything exciting in it like the REEF. There are some nice silhouette scenes of the monster as you absolutely have to have in the shark attack flix. And I suppose the underwater shots of the shark actually did look pretty good. Overall though this just doesn't bring anything new to the table and really is a lot like their acting, BLAND.

#horror #jackmeatsflix

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