The Secret Of Sinchanee (2021)

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My quick rating - 4,4/10. A tow truck driver suffering from amnesia returns home (don't people ever learn never to go back?) after his father's death. I bet you can figure out that something back in his childhood home is not as he remembers it. We have a nice-looking flick here that has a commonly used story beginning and has the potential to be creepy. And then it actually tries to get to the horror with the awakening of an evil Indian spirit who has been lying dormant and is pissed off about his missing arrowhead. I often was stuck staring at the lead Steven Grayhm and it isn't that he did a bad job in the role, it was just cast so often to have this deer in the headlights look on his face. His home that he grew up in happened to be built on sacred land and the evil spirit has been there all along. Through a couple of flashbacks the writers try to piece together a coherent plot from this in what happened growing up, and to his family but fails miserably. This just drags the viewers down into shaking their heads over and over wondering where this one went so wrong. If you have a really good imagination and can fill in all the gaps to the numerous plot ideas they had, you may actually get more out of this one. All the aesthetics were there and the director does have an eye for where that camera goes but the material itself is just too much to bother with. More than likely horror due to the creepy nature than the usual blood spilling which isn't a bad thing when the story is solid. Just didn't click with me although I would like to see Steven Grayhm hand the writing duties over to someone else and stick with directing next time. Yes, he was the writer/director/actor so you know that is usually a really bad sign, this time, not so much. For a first-time feature, I would say some promise.

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