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The United States Of Horror: Chapter 2 (2022)

My quick rating - The first installment wasn't horrible so I may as well see what chapter 2 has in store for us. Since that dude from IMDB didn't sum this anthology up, I'll do my best to take care of that for you. Doug Bradley returns for his narrating duty.

California - Not much to that one at all.

Idaho - He Rang : Some guy is desperately trying to apologize by phone to his girlfriend who has ghosted him due to his gaming habits. Instead of a callback from his bipolar chick, he gets a ring from the friendly neighborhood axe murderer.

Oregon - Your Turn : Lewis is on the run from police. But the chase leads them to a much more important discovery.

Oklahoma - Doubt : A woman is a bit unsure about letting some stranger into her car. The method of him interacting with her should explain this lack of story.

Alaska - Kevin, Dear : A couple seems slightly unprepared to deal with their son, Kevin, today. And he does seem to be a bit of a handful.

Arkansas - Mama Lou's Bridge : (something wrong with the sound of this one) It is a legend story of a woman who hung herself on a bridge and comes out if you holler "Mama Lou, I got your baby" on Halloween night. You know what the vlogger does.

North Dakota - Song of the Resurrector : Best use of music so far in a cult ritual setup. Looked more like an excuse to get their metal music video in the public eye.

Maryland - Star in the Mirror : It seems a washed-up musician has the Christmas blues. But the evil Xmas elf will cheer things up.

New Mexico - Matrimony : You don't want to deny Erin of picking up her stuff.

Louisana - August : We just need to know what this student is doing in the lab at night that has upset the staff just a TINY bit.

Wisconsin - Unassuming : (Cheese?) YES, feel free to enjoy a cheese curd!! The humor of that far exceeded the story itself.

New York - A New York State of Mind : That is some "special" effects. Even better, the fake New York skyline goes black during a scene. At least this is the first one that screams out amateur in production values so far. Dumb.

Terrible editing decision by Simon Phillips to go out with the weakest short out of the whole thing. This time around, the issue of finishing off the stories that plagued the first chapter was mostly alleviated however the bit of creativity that the stories presented in the first are what put it above this second visit. I don't really have much to add since each segment was very uneventful. A couple of chuckles made there way through and the evil elf ended up being my highlight of this quick 75-minute flick. Overall I wouldn't suggest returning for part 3 even if Bradley tells us it is forthcoming. Although I know myself and I'll check it out when it does happen.

Seems like the same selection of freebies and Amazon for a buck.

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