There's Someone Inside Your House (2021)

Updated: Oct 26

My quick rating - 5,3/10. Netflix. Just pointing out how they are upping their #shocktober game and pumping out the flix. This one starts off on a huge high note that will suck you in. This is always a hit-or-miss affair with movies since often that beginning scene ends up being the high point of the entire movie while the rest of it lets you down. As you can infer by my rating, that happens here. But don't think all is lost since this does end up being a passable throwback to the late 90s slasher flix. I'll leave the opening scene for you and start with our troubled heroine Makani (Sydney Park) who has run away from her past to a small town in Nebraska. But the "I Know What you Did Last Summer" syndrome starts following and a masked killer begins exposing her friend's secrets before slicing them up. Our killer has a creative look as they are hidden behind 3-D printed masks of their victim's faces. Creepy looking for sure and often does so in some decent gore-ridden ways. I wasn't a big fan of the characters nor their acting but it is a horror flick, so not much new there. And while the movie does follow a formula that "Scream" made sure we committed to memory, everyone in this flick never seemed oblivious to what was going on. To the point of actually having a "secrets" party so they could all get together, get high, and spill all their secrets on each other giving the killer no fodder to pry out of them. Still, the plot points worked to get from point A to B properly and made sure it also kept you in the dark until the end upon who our killer would end up being. With all the aesthetics you need from camera to effects, this is a well-put-together horror flick that just doesn't break any new ground in the genre but also doesn't do it a disservice. This one should be on any slasher's radar to appreciate as well as rip apart in the same breath. As for this fan, I say check it out for the season and you will most likely have forgotten about it sometime next week.

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