They/Them (2022)

Updated: Aug 14

My quick rating - 4,5/10. This one is a Peacock original so it is only streaming there at the moment (so to speak.) I wanted to like this one a lot more than I did but they gave me plenty not to like. To the point, I probably need to defend the score being as high as it is. The setup is picture-perfect for this decade's slasher. A group of A-Z labeled teenagers (I am done trying to keep up with LGBTetc. Every letter is going to end up there anyways) are sent to a conversion camp that seems to have a leader in Kevin Bacon that is more interested in them just finding themselves whomever that may be. The cast is actually well done in a slew of no-name young adults that each play their parts far better than expected. To help the setup along, the beginning even gives us a kill to lure us in and give a clue to who the killer is. It isn't exactly the mystery of the century who it is but I did find myself not trying to figure it out. Think for a moment, you will. Anyways, the majority of the time is the EXORBANANT amount of time spent on the teens identifying with who they are and specifically their sexuality. My last comment was they either needed to trim those seasons down or make the movie considerably longer. The horror aspect we are all here for gets swept under the rug to make sure we know how you can tell if two men/women are gay and what it will look like if they make out. And this is all fine and dandy but then we miss well-acted scenes with Bacon showing his true colors and developing the backstory of the camp. The kills all end up by the wayside to pointless banter too often and the whole thing goes from getting to know them to bam, killing done, cops are here. There was just so much good to build on in this and they completely screwed it up. Be warned, you may find this easily a couple of points lower. I think I was blinded by the good and the potential there was and even though I am aware as a horror it fails, it doesn't completely fail as a flick overall. Oh, and nice to see Anna Chlumsky pop up again. Aside from an episode of Law and Order: SVU a decade ago, I haven't seen her in anything.

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