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Three Extremes (2004)

My quick rating - 6.4/10. The movie is actually 3 unique stories released as one film. Each story represents a different "idea" so to speak. Without going into detail per story, each is crafted exceptionally well in all aspects of true film. Granted, this is a foreign movie, so it is subtitled (the version I saw) but this does not distract from the acting in the slightest. The acting in "Cut" stood out most to me as the crazy slowly fell apart throughout his hostage-taking ordeal. This was how Park Chan-wook followed up Oldboy and ever since has brought out some remarkable films. "Box" was a cinematography 101 class on how to show style, scenery, and environment to hold attention to an otherwise fairly bland plot. Then again, Takashi Miike directed this episode and his eye behind the camera is second to none. The startling subject matter of "Dumplings" not only may revolt some viewers but is also the best of the three to draw you into the story and round it out with quality acting that is very subtle. This was the first outing for Fruit Chan who has since turned out some varying quality flix. I suggest you go in blind to this one, as I did, the payoff is quite good. Enjoy. I know I currently have this one slated up for a rewatch soon due to a quality upgrade and after revisiting this review, I am eager to check it out again. (original title: Sam gang 2 or Saam Gaang Yi)

Amazon among other streamers have this one including a few freebies.

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