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Top Five (2014)

My quick rating - 7,1/10. WOW, I was not expecting this out of a Chris Rock movie. Narrow scope I suppose, but very nice to see Pookie branch out (as I knew he could) What a nicely made and acted film. Funny when it should be, and also serious when it's needed as well. Nicely shot and kept the range of the actors in check for what should and should not be said to get the point across. I went in expecting another comedy vehicle and got much better. Big thumbs up. I enjoyed the end leaving everything up to the imagination of the viewer. Well done and highly recommended to all. Don't go in expecting his stand up, just expect a lighter side (strong side) of how it may be when everything hits you all at once (the fame) and how it may hurt you. Believable, not in this movie, but in reality, sure. Update: Yes, I bet you are going to look at him entirely differently ever since the slap heard around the world.

#comedy #jackmeatsflix

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