Trophy Heads (2014)

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My quick rating - 5,2/10. Always had a soft spot for Full Moon Features. Back in the day talking with them monthly to order the latest horror flix for WCV. Anyway, nostalgia aside, and believe me, that is pretty much all this movie is, I was disappointed not because of how the movie played out, but because of how great of an idea it was. Not only was it a fun idea to play around with, but the company involved in making it lead to an abundance of the "scream queens" to be a part of the flick while having fun with their own past. The idea is some basement-dwelling son concocts a plan to keep his lovely queens to be remembered forever and recruits his brownie baking mommy to assist. But as one of our stars (there are many from previous Full Moon Features) puts it "I don't want to be in your fucking movie" and continues to get her head chopped off. By the poster below, I am sure you have figured out how our little insane antagonist plans to keep their legacy going. And so he does, kidnapping one by one our stars from b-budget fandom to be a part of his movie. The banter and humor throughout this one at times make the movie and other times completely drags it down as the jokes just sit unfinished. Might be part of the joke, actually. But listening to them joke back and forth about the quality of Head of the Family vs Creepozoids is quite amusing for both fans and non since even without seeing the movies, you can tell where the ribbing comes from. I implore that if interested, check out the who's who list of actresses though. Clicking a filmography of nearly any of the captives and soon-to-be trophies over the mantle will bring back a laundry list of horror "classics" from the VHS days. For myself, I repeatedly saw a woman get snagged and thought "what was she in?" only to look and see at least 10 movies I have viewed. Very nostalgic and fun for that reason. But the actual horror in the plot of this is really poorly done. Although the mother does also provide some decent comedy along the way while they pick and chose their prizes. If that chase or capture had been at a decent level, even close to the idea and talent involved, this could've been great. But the whole tension that should've been there was more of an afterthought. Still, the whole project was enough to get Stuart Gordon to pop in on this one. A must for b-budget horror fans.

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