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Unearth (2020)

Updated: May 21

My quick rating - 4,1/10. I see they are pulling a bit of star power getting Adrienne Barbeau in this one. This one runs for a good hour+ where you are watching a well-acted drama about the relationship between two neighboring farm families being strained when one of them chooses to lease their land to an oil and gas company. I had to check back and make sure I was watching the right movie since it was not fitting the role of "horror" at all and was doing quite well in the drama department. When things finally start rolling, the camera crew completely forgot how to film a scene making the action almost impossible to follow. Scenes go blurry for no reason, all of a sudden it is like they needed to go handheld style all shaky and out of focus. So the biggest problem here is they had no idea what type of movie they should go with. The dramatic portion of the movie, which is the vast majority of it, was actually well made. I don't know if they switched directors or what since it wasn't suffering from camera issues during that portion. Then it decided to just jump into some horror story about a pathogen that got released when the drilling started. I only say that since I assume it, there is hardly any proof of that being the cause in the movie itself. This bacteria or evil or who knows what then turns those infected into lunatics or just dissolves them depending on the scene. I guess shitty endings are the trend for me today. Just as quickly as this one attempts to scare you it just finishes—almost no warning and surely no satisfaction.

A few streamers have this one for $4 including Amazon.

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