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Us or Them (2023)

My quick rating - 3.9/10. This flick wasted no time getting right into the competitive killing. Two childhood friends get more than they bargained for when they inadvertently agree to play against each other in a deadly game of life and death called "Us or Them." - After Jude (Jack Donnelly) wins a luxury holiday on a mobile game app, he takes his friends and family with him including childhood BFF Andy (Wayne Gordon). The two are invited to meet with a mysterious woman called The Officiator (Malin Akerman), who offers them the chance to win $20 Million if they agree to play a simple game. Eager to get his hands on the money, Jude convinces Andy to play but inadvertently signs the duo up for a deadly game called "Us or Them" where failure to agree on decisions will have dire consequences for not just Jude and Andy, but the family they have brought along with them on the trip. Director Tom Paton was able to keep some tension going in this 3 person show since it mainly is just them deciding and Akerman presenting the game options, completely cold as ice. The other family members are simply there as fodder for the story and aside from 10 seconds a pop, or so, you don't know anything about them. Apparently this group goes around and films this game for an Internet audience (probably the bogus Red Rooms everyone believes exist on the dark web) which leads to the painfully annoying "For those who watch" being chanted between every decision. Not an original idea at all and not something that you would recommend but it still was entertaining enough to find out how it was going to play out. Akerman was the highlight for playing her role so calm yet uncaring. It took me a minute to realize she was the Silk Spectre in the Watchmen. I also found Gordon hitting a believable point in his reactions throughout the flick. Donnelly was just a douchebag and played his part right on point. He was written that way one would assume. Good news is it is only 85 minutes long so not a huge time investment.

Odd but the only streamer Justwatch has for this one is Spectrum (03.14.24)

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