While We Sleep (2021)

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My quick rating - 3,4/10. Pretty quick to trust a guy who just followed you to your door and basically assaulted you. The possessed girl story has been done to death and this latest incarnation does not bring anything new to the table nor does it tell the tale with better aesthetics. Quite the opposite since at times our main actor is incoherent. Actually, throughout the whole cast, they all MINUS the actual demon girl is atrocious. Any points here are really for her. The priest that busts in on the nanny and instantly gets her trust is such a poor character. Hard to tell if he was written to be so incompetent or if his acting skills brought that out. I suppose I'll slightly digress, the nanny who may have been drunk all film gets let go from a family where she was assisting with a girl who has a strange sleeping disorder. At night, very strange things happen that are attributed to sleepwalking. But the nanny believes the devil is taking the girl over. The family thinks she is crazy and dismisses her. Ok, you are caught up so what starts out being a bit creepy and developed halfway decent just falls apart. Partially due to the acting and the other is just being poor rip-offs of better movies. I can only recommend if you need a reminder of just how great The Exorcist was and still is. The pacing is slow and when it is moving, aside from the possessed, is boring. Far better movies out there for your #shocktober viewing, even ones that fall into the exact same category. Don't be fooled just because it looks polished up.

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