Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead (2015)

My quick rating - 6,4/10. A breath of fresh air in the crowded Zombie genre Finally back to the good old days of comedy mixed with zombie horror. Thank you Australia for bringing it to us (again). The last time this occurred was from New Zealand with a then unknown (not to me) named Peter Jackson. After his brilliant "Bad Taste" and even better "Dead Alive" (Braindead) the genre seemed to fall on its head. Sure "Warm Bodies" and "The Walking Dead" are great on their own merits, but the comedy/zombie movie was lost, until now. This movie pays tribute to the best of what was out there before it and instills its own fresh ideas as well. So onto the story. Zombies, not sure why, but around. A small group of survivors tell their stories before deciding to rescue the sister of the main character (Brooke). No need for names, all unknowns. But Brooke as been captured and is being tested upon to save the human race (although seems like by trying that they are also creating the zombie problem) So off the rag tags go after building a car that runs on the breath of the zombies. Did I mention gas (petrol) no longer burns, but the zombies' breath does? This leads to an almost "Mad Max" type of war on the zombies. All of this leads to a great deal of entertainment, gore, and amusing one-liners. If you are a fan of the genre, you for sure will love this. If not, you most likely will enjoy it, maybe not as much as me. The good news, the end leaves a sequel wide open, and a quick search on IMDb brought up a rumored part 2. I cannot wait. Keep the cast, keep the crew, and all involved. You have to learn something from those such as Romero, Jackson, and currently, the likes of the Soska sisters, once you have found the talent that makes it work, stick with them.

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