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My quick rating - 7,1/10. Ok, sort of a spoiler. Not of this movie, but the movie that this movie screams a comparison to, "Armageddon" I personally loved that movie, the sheer unbelievable nature of landing on an asteroid and blowing off a nuclear weapon to split it in two, saving the earth from being struck. Still a great movie, especially for a popcorn flick. Now we have a movie that makes the absolutely crazy idea of "Armageddon" seem like a simple addition problem. Taking the entire planet, strapping it with thrust engines, and relocating the Earth into another solar system. Sure, this little project will take about 3000 years, but lets get rolling. The entire amount of disbelief you have to check at the door for this movie is astounding. Yet, the movie pulls it off, in an almost believable fashion. Everything in the plan is described down to a tee. Not that it i even plausible, but who cares, turn the planet into a slow moving bus across the galaxy using up every mineral currently on the planet to take a billion person bus ride. The movie looks spectacular, that is for sure. A great deal of attention was placed on the landscape of the planet since of course about 17 years into the trip, a huge problem arises, passing up Jupiter and not getting sucked in by its gravity. Insert that gang of misfits, including the son on planet Earth, the father on the guidance space station that leads the way, and the group along for the ride to assist in the impossible task of surviving AND getting the planet back on course. Sound familiar? The parallels between the two movies are huge, but that does not make it any less entertaining. Even the dubbing was not all that bad nor distracting. Definitely a worthwhile watch especially for sci fi fans. And if you have seen the previously mentioned movie, and are reading this, you know exactly how it is going to end. But don't let that spoil it for you.

Fabricated City


My quick rating - 8,8/10. WOW. It has been a long time since I have seen a movie that hits on all cylinders like this. Each aspect, be it drama, action, sci-fi, mystery, basically you name it minus horror gets touched upon and brilliantly. I can't say anything about the acting since it most likely is fine, but reading it takes away from that. I don't judge acting when I don't understand the actors and can't trust the subtitles to be accurate. The movie is about a virtual reality online game champion, and team leader (i say that since it has to do with the movie) who gets framed for a murder. To the extents of the frame job would be criminal for me to describe, you just have to see it. Basically he is imprisoned for this, and while there, he insists his innocence and befriends a serial killer to get some advice on how to get out. Well, the movie would be ok with it being just about that, but he does of course need to prove his innocence, so once out he hooks up with his online team to do just that. Now my description is vague, at best, for a good reason. To give up anything more would not do justice to how well this movie works. The visuals are fantastic, each scene either perfectly believable in the real world, or completely out there on a tech level, or even a bit beautiful in a fantasy world. The action scenes are top notch, and as with most movies from the orient, this being Korean, the scenes are long and very detailed. Do yourself a favor and check this movie out, one of the few times I hope Hollywood gets their hands on this and can even close to touch the quality of this with some American actors. I don't need to pick anyone out, just I could see this being a phenom in the right hands (easier to follow for us who only speak English). Then again, it already was.

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