2025: Blood, White & Blue (2022)

My quick rating - 1,7/10. The poster has me curious about the Purge vibe going on and I took a look. Cheap rental at $1.99 also on Youtube and Google Play. Of course, that is assuming it ends up being worth your 2 bucks. I have already noticed it is 135 minutes long which is not a good sign for this type of flick. Oh, it didn't take long to see what I am getting into. Terrible acting to start and then a helicopter boarding scene with a huge ripoff of Top Gun music in the background LOL. This level of quality and the tough girl actress won't even show boobs? Not sure if I should be impressed or disappointed but I am sure surprised at how they clearly avoided that. I also cannot tell if they are making fun of Trump or are supporters but either way, it is mildly amusing. And the tirade is going on far too long. Ok, they are entirely too hung up on this immigration thing which has zero to do with the movie itself. Mildly amusing has turned into painfully annoying. Most people would be turning this off right about now assuming they made it this far (95 minutes to go). I just realized hardly anything has happened in that 45 minutes. Lots of piss poor dialogue and a silly drug bust is about it. Ok, making fun of Trump, at least that part is clear now. Doesn't make this crap any better. Seems to have turned into skits with no real connection aside from a bunch of agents at home during the annual Purge (and the creators of that franchise need to sue these idiots). There is no way any of you would still have this shitshow on. It has turned into the group of actors? acting out what they must think is humor. When they finally get to the murders, the blood is either really bad CGI or suggested gore with some blood spattering while all the damage is off-camera. Look, they are wearing my mask and just to let you know, I paid $7 for it, and that included the shipping. Oh, so cringe, now the "Did he shoot six shots or only....." I cannot believe this #turkey made it past some imbecile's youtube channel. Oh, a big double cross. Gimme a break, saw that one from a mile away and I assure you it is NOT worth sitting through this garbage to see. Every attempt at humor fails miserably, action scenes are a joke, and my attempts to find any redeeming qualities to this are faltering completely. If you are keeping a worst of 2022, here is a top candidate. I typed that nearly 10 minutes ago and they are still dragging on just chatting away while pissing just to set up a "crossing the streams" joke. OML, after all the stalling and dragging out they had the nerve to add a scene after the credits as well to tease a sequel. There is NO way I would touch anything related to this atrocity again.


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