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Caviar (2023)

Updated: May 17, 2023

My quick rating - 2,1/10. Antigone Corday (Betsey Brown) is an aspiring social media influencer. She is mourning the recent death of her brother, Jeremiah, a well-known pundit and voice for progressive causes. Soon, she receives a mysterious package in the mail--a pre-recorded video of Jeremiah. He claims to have uncovered a conspiracy that will throw her worldview, and the fate of the planet, into question. The budget in this one is clear the moment it gets rolling and it may have all been shot with a smartphone. Special effects delivered via Tik Tok answers that question, this is for sure all done with their phone and the effects/filters sitting in your pocket right now. The whole thing is so home-video and amateur from start to finish and will fit perfectly in your collection of "I can do better" flix that you have run across. I have no idea if Jacob Michael King is trying to make fun of these conspiracy theorists or fully supports them but either way, the method of presentation here is so damn stupid it really wouldn't matter which side he is on. Unless you are a huge fan of The Scary of Sixty-First and cannot get enough of Brown, I cannot see why you would want to watch this #turkey. She was easily the only decent spot in this even if her acting was on and off throughout. The story is non-existent and leads to absolutely nothing in the end. Seemed like Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote it with the dumb ideas that were used. It tried really hard to be a "trippy" ending but instead just looked silly. IMDB has it labeled as horror, which it is NOT so don't get fooled by incorrect genre definition. I'll label it as what it is, a home movie that found its way into distribution somewhere.

No one on IMDB has seen it and no one is streaming it. Good luck!

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