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Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Season 1 (2024)

My quick rating - 5.3/10. Donald Glover and Maya Erskine play the most abysmal assassins in the world. That is the first problem, they are supposed to be elite yet I have seen first time gun users with more skill that both of them. In literally the same room with not only shotguns but machine guns, they still cannot hit a target from 4 feet away. And I don't think this was supposed to be an A-Team style show where NO one gets hit by bullets, ever. When they are pointed at each other, it is always just to elongate the other main problem with these two. They are paired up together in a faux marriage that the fake part of the romance diappears entirely too quickly, so that part of the fantasy is screwed up in the first episode. Sorry, spoiler there but out of 8 episodes, you may have seen it in the trailer. The entire espionage aspect of these and what was existent in the movie of the same name is completely and after thought. This show is so wrapped up in their relationship, and how two people can act like such imbeciles at all times that the action scenes when they finally happen are such a breath of fresh air instead of the constant conversations about hte problems in their courtship that isn't supposed to exist in the first place. I know the whole "will they, won't they" is there for all this comedic relief but the characters are written so insanely irritating, I didn't give a crap either way. And this is painful because these are two talented actors going about hte whole thing. I expect the show would've been far worse had it been two other choices. By far the best episodes were those that featured Parker Posey playing another Jane Smith since there are plenty of John and Janes running around killing people. If you somehow did enjoy this show the good news is it is left in a cliffhanger so a next season is almost guaranteed. Like a glutton for punishment, I am sure I'll watch it and maybe get a few laughs and a couple mor edecent cameos along the way. Every time a John Turturro or Ron Perlman showed up for an episode, you would end up entertained since it dragged you away from the two main John and Janes constantly bickering in a way no two humans ever do.

This one is currently airing on Amazon Prime so sign up if you want to check it out.

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