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Robotica Destructiva (2023)

Updated: Jun 7

My quick rating - 3,8/10. I seemed to get roped into these every time. They know that by advertising Lloyd Kaufman I'll check it out. Sam Gaffin has definitely created a niche market for these flix. Part animated, part live action and so creatively done. I really wish he would set out on an actual plot with these and maybe put a bit of work on the story instead of trying to recreate 50s sci-fi silliness. You may have read my review here of a previous effort I saw which sums up a lot of this flick. All the same weaknesses are present but the visuals are even more polished in this one. Set in a futuristic world threatened by mechanized warlords, the film follows a trio of android warrior sisters who awaken from a 10,000-year slumber to confront the looming danger. With the inclusion of Lloyd Kaufman, the film manages to pique my curiosity but unfortunately falls short of its potential as he is hardly used. Gaffin's strength lies in his visual creativity, and this flick is no exception. The film showcases stunning visuals, with the combination of animation and live-action seamlessly integrated. The attention to detail and polished effects enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, making it a visually captivating experience. However, the movie falters in its plot and storytelling. The film fails to deliver a compelling narrative, opting instead for a recreation of 50s sci-fi silliness. While this may be intentional and a nod to classic science fiction, it leaves much to be desired in terms of character development and a cohesive storyline. It's disappointing that Gaffin doesn't invest more effort in crafting a substantial plot. The film feels like a missed opportunity to explore deeper themes or create engaging conflicts. Instead, it relies heavily on the novelty of its visuals and the inclusion of familiar tropes from the genre. If you've seen his previous work, you'll find that Robotica Destructiva shares many of the same weaknesses. The lack of a well-developed story and characters persists, despite the improved visuals. While it boasts impressive visual effects and a unique blend of animation and live-action, it falls short in terms of plot and storytelling. Fans of his previous works or who appreciate visually stunning films may find some enjoyment in this flick. However, for those seeking a well-crafted story and meaningful characters, this flick may leave you very unsatisfied.

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