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Snow Falls (2023)

Updated: 3 days ago

My quick rating - 2,3/10. Saw a trailer about a month ago and thought this one was worthy of a look (like I wouldn't have watched it anyways.) You know what would be more exciting than this movie? Staring out the window and watching the SNOW FALL. A group of mostly annoying adults head to a cabin during the winter but after the power goes out they start acting like irrational morons. You are supposed to think they are losing their minds, or the snow is inherently evil but in reality, it is just plain stupidity. If they were 6 years old, maybe the sheer panic would make some sense, but this goes from "it's a bit chilly" to "holy shit, it is the end of the world and we are all going to die" in two seconds. One girl decides to set some ground rules since food and water will be sparce. Then again, this is done WAY before anyone would even think of needing to. This does lead to a couple creepy moments but overall, just such a monumental waste of time. It didn't even look like it was a cheap flick, but it performed like it had no budget. Well, the few times they did show snow, it looked fake OR maybe stock footage. The more I think about it, the worse this movie gets, so before I talk myself down to a 1 rating, I'll stop. You would have to be insane to bother with this flick.

Checked with Justwatch and basically all streamers have this one for $5.99.

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