Spine Chiller (2019)

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My quick rating - 2,1/10. Seems this #shocktober is going to have quite a few candidates for the worst flick of the year. I feel extremely bad for the people who contributed to the IndieGoGo fund for this crap. If they got to read the script or even an outline first, then I don't feel bad in the slightest. This anthology follows the usual pattern of stories tied together by the main plotline which in all honesty, the main plotline was the best story out of this thing. Each story represents a failed aspiration of filmmaking LOL. Ok, they just appear to be that, they don't have a meaning. But the horrendous acting in every one of them would seem to make it the theme of this. Everyone in town is on high alert as the "Spine Chiller" ball approaches and every year kiddos go missing around it. Funny thing is judging by the number of people seen in this town especially at the actual "party" when you get to it (I counted 7 people, 3 credited), any amount of missing people would be a red alert since it would decrease the population drastically. But the party goes on anyway, and each story represents what people are doing to either get to it, or instead of going. And that is the extent of publicity I am giving this nonsense. It is so amateur, you'll miss the days of making your own flix on a camera a VHS tape slides into. Bad stuff so definitely move on from watching. The good news is it only costs you 73 minutes, so if you must, the pain doesn't last for too long.

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