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Squealer (2023)

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

My quick rating - 3.7/10. I had this one as a featured trailer of the week due to it looking fairly intriguing. By that peek, the flick promised a chilling narrative with its premise, blending the investigative prowess of a local cop and an overzealous social worker as they unravel the dark secrets of a pig farm hiding more than just livestock. Unfortunately, despite the initial promise, the film stumbles in its execution, leaving you with a stomach-turning yet ultimately unsatisfying experience. The movie's redeeming strength lies in its atmospheric buildup as the investigative duo delves into missing persons cases around town. How the two of them were once a couple does add to the suspense in more of a who will solve it type of situation. The unsettling discoveries made on the pig farm, where the town butcher is revealed to be slaughtering more than just animals, create a sense of dread and foreboding that permeates the narrative. The grim setting and gruesome revelations contribute to a genuinely unsettling atmosphere that horror enthusiasts may find intriguing. However, where "Squealer" falls short is in its conclusion, left me scratching my head at the inexplicable and stupid finale. The narrative, which had been building slowly & steadily towards a crescendo, takes an abrupt and confounding turn that fails to provide a satisfying resolution. This abruptness left me bewildered and undermined any tension crafted throughout the film. I wasn't glued to my couch but I was still wrapped up in the strange pairing of Kate Moennig (Earline) and Ronnie Gene Blevins (Squealer) as the killer duo and their dynamic of murder. There was also a bizarre side story going on with a mob type played by Theo Rossi who I do appreciate from his other works (Army of the Dead). But it was so underdeveloped and out of place that it caused more confusion than lending entertainment. The inclusion of Tyrese Gibson in the cast raised expectations for a strong performance, but sadly, his talent feels squandered. Despite the potential his character presented, the film fails to capitalize on his skills, relegating him to a role that was underdeveloped and lacking in impact. It's a missed opportunity in an already mediocre film. At its best, it offers a standard STV horror experience with its grim setting and gruesome discoveries, but it fails to rise above mediocrity due to its painful conclusion and the underutilization of its cast, including Gibson. I was just left with a sense of disappointment, as the potential for a compelling and satisfying horror tale was squandered in a slow path to tell a story and a poorly executed finale to wrap it up (or in my opinion, piss you off.) Sorry for those who watched the trailer and looked forward to checking it out. You may want to pass just like Amazon has.

A handful of streamers NOT named Amazon have this one.

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