The Night House (2020)

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My quick rating - 6,7/10. It is a shame that this one hit theaters at the same time as both Old and Don't Breathe 2 since I would have to say this is the best of the 3. Lots of good things to point out in this one and one MAJOR negative. First has to be the atmosphere of this one. Everything looks so good with plenty of attention to the details here. The camera work to make things so creepy with the perfect angles and lighting is so well done. When scenes start scanning a room to see what is going on, you have to realize early on to make sure you are checking the whole picture or you might miss something. Next is a performance by Rebecca Hall that cannot be ignored. Not often are you watching a horror flick and paying the acting a lick of attention but she really held the tone of the whole movie making you really feel for what was happening. Between these two elements, you are really given a feel of this not just as a viewer but almost of being a part of it. Rarely are the whole surroundings so well polished. The story itself we have seen with a wife losing her husband only to find that everything with him is not all that it seems. But to use a straightforward plot such as this is fine when you just do so well with the presentation of it all. So after a gripping 100 minutes rolling along to the climax, it just falls apart. It isn't that it doesn't satisfy the movie, it is just so anticlimactic that after such beauty up until then, I expected so much better. To be honest, I expected anything better than what we got. But don't let that stop you from checking this one out. It teeters between horror and thriller since it has heavy elements of both but still a great pick for your #shocktober

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