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The Outwaters (2022)

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

My quick rating - 2,9/10. There must've been something interesting about this one to make me put a found footage flick on my radarr list. They do have a damn good quality camera, that is for sure. I didn't realize that was the spoiler, a great camera. But after that first 45 minutes of meeting the people on this trip, then it turns to a constant black screen with an occasional flashlight spot. But don't worry since complete darkness will be accompanied by constant screaming for no reason and possibly people running around during the carpet bombing going in nearby. For some reason, the sound effect they use for "that noise" is stock sound from a bombing during wartime. In case you had some interest in following a story, first I'll let you know there isn't one. There are just scenes thrown together, night, day, no pants, no POINT. The acting is awful and I suppose you knew that statement was coming. Oh, I think there is some kind of monsters which I will explain the special effects. They are sheets dipped in red paint dragged across the ground like snakes. We get the close-up face shot of one of the dudes covered in blood. Why we have no idea. I guess they just wanted to ensure the audience understood they got their inspiration from Blair Witch nonsense. Holding the camera upside down isn't art, it is lazy just like having zero plot for 110 minutes. That camera really made the blood effects toward the end look damn good. If only we knew why there was blood, and who or what from. The only thing I can think of is Skinamarink and how the found-footage genre seems to be taking steps backward. No storyline whatsoever and just random shots thrown together in no meaningful order. Although Deadstream was quite good so maybe all hope isn't lost.

Amazon, Google and Youtube are the choice to stream this one by rental price.

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