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The Red Book Ritual (2022)

My quick rating - 2,3/10. Busy week for horror movies so I will check out the ONE that bloody-disgusting missed on their list of releases this week. Appears to be an anthology flick. First is a story of a man returning home to his wife behaving strangely. I would say I am being vague to allow you to see what happens but that is basically all that happens. No explanation beyond that. It seems the tie-together story is 3 people reading from a book kind of like an urban legend of once you start its game you cannot leave it. For the second story, I have had to rewind 3X since it is so boring and I assume I am missing something. Nope, I am not missing a thing. A fighting couple stops and picks up some kid but is warned by an old man to stay away. They don't listen and then she looks at the kid, you don't see it, over. What is this crap? Onto the third story of a mother and daughter taking care of a sick father. When the mother gets sick of it she threatens to have the daughter switch places with him since he cannot make money. And I swear that the joke here is they wrote the stories and then threw away the actual endings. Nothing again happened. But back to the three people with the book getting all paranoid and seeing things. Oh, goodie, a fourth story after one of the people got dragged away by something. And into another story they go, and for no apparent reason since the ones playing with the book never lead into them or give reasons to why. An abandoned hospital and a nurse being stalked by something. Hospitals are never empty, ever. She was just with her patient so I think you can see where they are going with this one. Took until this short to actually have a point, too bad it wasn't a good one. And back to the table of fools and their book. Oh, and the story is related to one of the players. Finally. Seems the book is forcing another story upon them. We have some congregation of people who apparently are sickened by something in this place of worship. And it looks like blood keeps the book telling its stories. And that is how you bring back the evil witch. Horrible, I need to find out who made that quote on the cover and berate them. The credits song is better than the whole movie and Shazam couldn't identify it.

#turkey #jackmeatsflix

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