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Detective Knight: Independence (2023)

Updated: 3 days ago

My quick rating - 3,7/10. Final flick in the Knight trilogy (Rogue and Redemption) and since I have seen the other two which had some entertainment value, I may as well wrap it up. Hey, look at that, it is Dizzy (Dina Meyer) from the cult flick, Starship Troopers. This flick is proving you cannot take just anyone and make him the villain. Yeah, everyone not named Bruce Willis or Lochlyn Munro in this movie are absolutely worthless but the kid they picked as the bad guy, Jack Kilmer, is just so bad. I hate to say that since I am such a fan of his father (Val Kilmer) but someone needs to tell Jack that having some dumbfounded look on your face like you just so a frog jumping across the sidewalk is NOT good acting. Detective Knight is back to work and takes some last-minute assignment on independence day. After this heist, an EMT worker (Kilmer) is first on the scene and handles his job slightly suspect which in turn gets him fired. Then for reasons known only to the writers of this movie, he turns into some bad guy with no apparent goal. The vast majority of this flick is about who he becomes, him sleeping with Willis's daughter, and doesn't really bother with much else. I found this one to be the weakest of the three and while I am still most likely giving it more than it actually deserves, I think it still is B-budget entertaining sort of like the STV action flix you used to get on VHS. This one just didn't have the characters to hold your attention and didn't attempt to fill the void with action. It just dragged on through the ending which was pretty damn disappointing as well. If you watched the other two, you may as well but if not, I wouldn't go back to viewing all 3 unless you are a huge Bruce Willis fan such as I am and realize that these last few flix may be all we see of him.

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